I'm happy to be able to call me member of bullgit.

You don't know what bullgit is? So let me introduce it to you.

Bullgit is a group of awesome Web-people. We are Jan, Hugo, Kevin, Tim, Lucas, Max, Nick, Kanu, Olly, Nils and myself. (Update late 2015: as there are many new members, check out the official members list)
We do crazy, most time useless, Internetstuff on the Internet by using GitHub. Some of the most amazing things are fart-on-hover, wizz.css and moodicons.

The amazing thing of having / being in such a group is not only that we do Internetstuff together, we also help each other in the fields of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, if we get stuck or need some advices.

We spend much time on tlk.io/codepen where you can find us. Of course you can also drop us a tweet on twitter

Two of us also wrote texts about our dev group. You can find Kevin's text here and Luky's post here.